BSA Troop 90, sponsored by Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in Fairfield, Connecticut is a leadership troop in the Connecticut Yankee Council, Pomperaug District. Troop 90 was founded in 1938. The Troop has produced over 100 Eagle Scouts since 1953, with an average of four new Eagle Scouts each year!

Cub Scout experience is not required. The Scouts BSA program is open to all boys and girls that are at least 11 years old. Any current or former Cub Scouts that have earned their Arrow of Light are also eligible. Troop 90 has 30 active Scouts ranging from Scout to Eagle. We have over 10 adult advisors that are certified as adult leaders.

Troop 90 also has an active Venture Crew for boys and girls over 14 years of age. The crew focuses on high adventure activities. Venture Crew 90 meets on a monthly basis.


Our regular Troop meetings are held on Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m. at the Greenfield Hill Congregational Church in the Memorial Hall located at 1045 Old Academy Road in Fairfield. A map (with a link to directions) can be found here.


Advancement, one of the eight methods by which the aims of Scouting are achieved, has four steps through each award level.

  1. Learning: Much of a Scout’s learning comes from active participation in troop program. The Scout’s patrol activities are directed toward the skills he or she needs. Every troop hike, camping trip, or other activity offers potential learning experiences. A Scout learns to pitch a tent by pitching one, to use a compass by finding directions, and to cook a meal by having to plan, prepare it and eat it!
  2. Testing: Verbal testing is sufficient in some instances. In other instances, a Scout must demonstrate his or her skills by doing.
  3. Review: The purpose of the review is to ensure that all requirements for advancement have been met. This includes a check of a Scout’s attitude and practice of the ideals of scouting, in addition to their Scoutcraft skills.
  4. Recognition: The final step in advancement involves presentation of the new rank badge at a ceremony before the entire Troop.

Merit Badges: The merit badge program expands a Scout’s area of interest and encourages him or her to work with adults in a chosen subject. Merit badges signify the mastery of certain Scoutcraft skills, as well as helping Scouts increase their skill in an area of personal interest.


Troop 90 plans many exciting trips each year. One of our high adventure activities was a trip to Sea Base in 2019. Scouts and adults traveled to the Florida Keys and had quite the adventure on live-aboard sailboats and enjoyed a variety of open water activities that included fishing, snorkeling, and of course sailing! Our camping trips have included Deer Lake, Camp Hoyt, Camp Sequassen, and hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Troop 90 adults lead many of the merit badges earned by the Scouts including Citizenship, Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, Game Design, and Personal Fitness to name a few.

Troop 90 also has a strong tradition of community service. We assist at water stations during marathons and volunteer at the Fairfield Historical Society. Eagle Scout projects at Earthplace, the Greenfield Hill Cemetery, St. Timothy’s, The Connecticut Audubon Society, and Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Fairfield are just a few of our community projects.


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