Help Support Troop 90!

BSA Troop 90 is selling garden products in Fairfield, CT to help raise funds for their Troop. This is your chance to help the Troop and beautify your lawn at the same time!

PLEASE NOTE: We can only deliver to the Fairfield, CT area but you are welcome to make a donation!

Products include everything from grass seed (10 lb. bags), to potting soil & plant food (2 cu. ft./bag), and four different kinds of mulch (black, cedar, pine bark, and mini pine bark nuggets).

In addition to seed, potting soil, and mulch Troop 90 offers three types of fertilizer: Organic Cow Manure (40 lb. bag), General Purpose, and Slow-ReleaseGeneral Purpose Fertilizer (40 lb. bag) is a season long and slow-release shrub/tree feed. It's for general purpose use on shrubs, lawns and gardens (used to feed non acidic plants like Holly, Rhododendron, and Dogwood) and covers about 7,000 square feet. Slow Release Turf Root Builder Fertilizer (50 lb. bag), is an environmentally-friendly starter fertilizer that makes for an excellent first Spring application. It has a slow release (8 to 10 weeks), builds and strengthens roots, and covers about 12,500 square feet.

Here's a list of all of our products along with their costs and weight:
  • Grass Seed ($35/10 lb. bag)
  • Organic Cow Manure ($15/40 lb. bag)
  • Potting Soil ($15/2 cu. ft. bag)
  • Black Mulch ($7/2 cu. ft bag)
  • Brown (Cedar) Mulch Blend ($7/2 cu. ft. bag)
  • Brown (Pine Bark) Mulch ($7/2 cu. ft bag)
  • Mini Pine Bark Nuggets ($7/2 cu. ft. bag)
  • Red Dyed Mulch ($7/2 cu. ft bag)
  • General Purpose Fertilizer ($45/40 lb. bag)
  • Slow Release Turf Builder ($45/50 lb. bag)
  • Don't need garden products? You can also make a donation of any amount!
To order or make a donation, simply fill out your contact information and enter the quantities of each garden product or donation at right, then click SUBMIT ORDER. We will contact you by email to facilitate payment by check or cash.

If you were referred to this sale by a Scout, please be sure to enter the Scout's name so that they get credit for the sale. Please place your order before Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

The entire order will be delivered by the troop on Saturday, April 24, 2021. If you won't be home on that day, please be sure to let us know where to deliver your order in the form. You won’t have to carry any bags from the store!

Thank you for your support of this critical part of BSA Troop 90’s program!